The Bull Dogs ! 










  Hooch Maids who took care of our hooch.                    Jim's favorite animal!


                                                                                                                                                                            Hank & Tiger.


                     The Pathfinder Hooch in Phu Hiep, Vietnam circa June - July 1967.                            

This was the home of our enlisted team members, there were two cadre rooms for NCOs and open bunk space for the remainder of the team.

The two officers and two sergeants lived in other quarters on the compound.

We spent two weeks in Cam Rahn Bay acclimating to the weather and then traveled to our home in Phu Hiep where we set up camp and built buildings, wooden sidewalks, and placed sand bags around the buildings.  Later in our tour, we actually had running water, showers, and flush toilets.  We did not have hot running water but had a large rubber bladder situated on top of our shower stall which became hot during the sunny day and therefore, provided hot showers in the late afternoon or early evenings.  What Luxury !


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