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                                                                                                   Vietnam 67-68


              VIETNAM   1967                                                               JULY 2005







Michael Teutschman:  After leaving Vietnam in late April 1968, I went home to California for 30 days leave and married my high school girlfriend. We left California in late May 1968 and drove to Ft. Benning, GA where I was assigned to the 187th Pathfinder Det. along with Jim Cox.  The detachment Sergeant was being reassigned to Germany, so I was trained in the administrative duties and became the detachment Sergeant. I also attended Jumpmaster School while assigned to the 187th.  One of the missions of the 187th Pathfinders was setting up and controlling the DZ for the Ranger Training Unit. It was fun putting the Cadre in the trees and the students on the DZ.

I was discharged in June 1969 and returned to California and my job at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Co in Long Beach. After that I worked for an Automotive Paint and Supply store from 1971 to 1979 when we moved to Vermont. Culture shock for sure.  I started working for IBM in 1979, and then in 1985 we moved to San Jose, CA, still working for IBM. I was divorced in 1987 and in 1991 moved to the Seattle Washington area. In 1997 I left IBM and started working for Boeing, where Iím still employed.

I have two daughters, Jennifer (1972) and Amy (1976). Jennifer has two boys and Amy has two girls. They are all great kids/grandkids.

I did serve in the Vermont National Guard (Infantry Mountain Company) in 1984, and the 12th Special Forces in Novato California (1987) and was on jump status so I was able to make 4 jumps, the first since 1969.

In 1990 I took up skydiving for awhile and made 20 freefalls. A little different than static line jumps. My hobbies are riding my Harley, camping in the RV and getting exercise playing basketball.

In 1999, I was able to accompany Donna Elliott to Vietnam in search of information about Jerry, her brother. Still donít know what happened to him.

In 2000, I was lucky enough to ride from Seattle to Southern Calif and join up with a group called Run For The Wall. We rode for 10 days on the Harleys to Washington D.C. for Rolling Thunder. I was interviewed on C/SPAN and was able to talk about Jerry Elliott. It was an incredible journey.

The 1st Reunion of the 268th Pathfinders was very special for me and I hope we are able to meet again very soon.

                                                                           AIRBORNE!  SIR!