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                                                                                                   Vietnam 67-68


                           1965                                                                          JULY 2005







Fred Taylor:  entered the United States Army on 5 October 1959 and retired as
a Command Sergeant Major in January 1985. He served in Vietnam from May 1967
to April 1968 as a Pathfinder Detachment Sergeant. He served many years as a
Paratrooper, a Platoon Sergeant and as a First Sergeant at Fort Bragg, NC.
His Fort Bragg assignments also included three years with the Airborne Test
Board. He served two tours in Germany and one in Korea and time in South
America. He is paratrooper, a pathfinder and a proud graduate of the US
Army Sergeants Major Academy. After retiring from the Army as a Command
Sergeant Major, he enrolled in New Mexico State University, where upon
graduation he was once again recruited by the Army, this time as a civilian.
He currently lives and works in Corpus Christi Texas.


                                                                           AIRBORNE!  SIR!